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Our Story

      Williamsburg born and running for over two decades, Pema has long been revered as a staple must-stop shop for many locals and tourists alike. Both women and family-owned, our small business offers high-quality affordable fashion, from casual tops to dressy blouses, comfy pants to statement skirts, everyday earrings to standout necklaces, and so much more. We emphasize the importance of versatility and comfort all while choosing products that are chic, stylish, trendy, and above all, evoke confidence for the individual wearing it.


    The name “Pema” originates from the Sanskrit word “Padma,” or lotus. The flower in many cultures symbolizes beauty, strength, spirituality, and rebirth- all things divine and feminine. Our store aims to incite that same essence, encouraging our customers to wear what makes them feel beautiful and unique without having to compromise their wallets while doing so. 


    We’ve been around long before the gentrification of Bedford Avenue, when large companies started to take up more and more space and rent prices began to soar. Check us out for yourself to see how we've made it so far, even with Urban Outfitters and Lululemon right by our door!